Infusion Communications provides a full suite of marketing agency services at independent contractor rates. Your consultant helps you define your marketing and communication needs, and develop a plan to achieve your objectives. Together with a web of freelance contractors, Infusion Communications executes a custom solution that meets your marketing challenge.

Project or campaign work – let Infusion do what it does best: INFUSE some marketing expertise, whether it’s to get a new product to market, develop a corporate identity, or develop and run an advertising campaign.

Marketing and brand development plans – take a longer-term look at your business and engage Infusion to develop your strategic marketing or brand plan. Then, a custom team of expert freelances will see that plan through to execution under the management of your Infusion consultant.

Advertising and promotions – whatever your sales or communications objectives, Infusion can develop an advertising and promotions campaign to achieve results, including special events.

Public relations – including corporate communications, internal relations, media relations and integration of social media.

Writing – writing for business and the web.